We’ve picked some of our absolute favourite work to share with you


Brand Strategy
+ Development

Building a brand from the inside out: Katherine Barclay by Hilary Radley

KB by HR was the result of the merger of two established high-turnover Canadian clothing labels, but the changing fashion landscape and residual confusion from the merger meant they needed help clarifying their brand position and presenting it in a way that befitted their unique apparel.

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Taking bricks and mortar online: Jacob & Sebastian

Although probably *the* cult beauty destination in Toronto, Jacob & Sebastian’s online presence used to fall a long way below their luxurious in-store experience. The challenge for Superfein was to match J&S’s curated and aesthetic atmosphere, while giving the user a perfectly smooth, intuitive and secure ecommerce experience.

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Finding the voice of fashion: Katherine Barclay by Hilary Radley

When it comes to creating website content it’s commonly thought that even if you can’t do the design or development, anyone can write the words. We disagree.

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Representing a highly personal brand: DobbernationLoves

DobbernationLoves was a longtime ‘lyfe style’ blog that had grown organically. It had gained some prominence, but its creator felt it was now time for a radical redesign to better reflect the content and make it more monetisable.

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Art Direction
+ Content Creation

Bringing artistry to the web: Modern Love Jewellery

We love working with clients who come to us with creative ambition and open minds. Custom jewellers from Burlington, Ontario, MLJ wanted to do something different from the standard ‘jewellery on white background’ ecommerce website. They wanted to stand out—in a modern and unexpected way that fit their own creations.

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Helping out in the Himalayas: Mountain Bounties

We usually have a couple of passion projects we’re working on. These are for people or organisations that we feel a strong personal connection to but who can’t afford professional creative consultancy. Just to be able to help is rewarding enough, but when the project goes on to be highly impactful, then it’s, well, a really special feeling.

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