A passion project

Mountain Bounties is a great story and business centred around women’s empowerment in India and we were honoured to be a part of it. The organization is all about nature-grown, locally sourced and made products. Wild. Sustainable. Natural. But it needed an online platform that would support and share its vision. Superfein delivered an authentic and fully functional website that married e-commerce with a clear social message.

Result? Ten months after relaunch, total sales have increased by 250%—and if we break that down further we find orders have risen by 238%, items purchased by 204% and average daily sales by 252%.

Who the client is

Mamta Chandar, the leader and visionary behind Mountain Bounties, has been empowering women and finding ways to care sustainably for the Himalayas for over ten years. Mountain Bounties is the visible, retail face of an operation based on a constantly growing network of local women’s cooperatives. Their natural products are sustainably sourced all around the Kullu valley, which allows rural women to work and prosper quite literally from the Himalayan mountains’ bounty. They sell their products in various stores around India, as well as online.

What was the goal

Mountain Bounties did have a website, but it was a bit generic and lacked an intuitive shopping and check-out system. Our first priority, then, was to create a new website with a seamless customer experience. But it was also vital that the site tell the Mountain Bounties story authentically, so customers knew the products they were buying were not only high quality, but also supported and empowered women directly through their sales.

How we developed

Mountain Bounties is an amazing success story, however, not many people knew about it. This is not your average “natural product” brand. We knew we needed to create a smooth and effective e-commerce experience, but our starting point was working out how to bring the behind-the-scenes production of the products and the women who make them to the forefront.

We have spent a lot of time in the Indian Himalayas, home of Mountain Bounties, and we really appreciated the opportunity to visually convey the beauty we have experienced there. High-quality photos of the women and the product processes were going to be essential to tell the story of this great brand. So we put on our hiking boots and went to visit the women who help to collect and make the products. We visited five different high-altitude villages over the course of the project. We gathered some excellent content, made many new friends and ate some excellent food!

What we delivered

The finished website is visually delightful. All the photos on the website (except the product images) were taken by Superfein, which allowed us to have complete control over tone and narrative. The high-quality, bespoke photography forms a visual thread that guides the user through the website and allows us to show the quality of the ingredients used to make the products and the hands and faces of the women who are Mountain Bounties.

To complement the photos, we also developed a series of custom illustrations, which capture the handmade spirit of the products and give a nod to aspects of Himalayan village life, the source of all the products.

As the main purpose of the website is e-commerce, we put the products front and centre on the homepage. And we constructed a very clean shop page for easy previewing and we also streamlined the search filter on the left-hand side. The individual product pages have detailed information about each item’s origins, nature and benefits, as well as a review section. We also implemented a “related products” feature to allow up- and cross-selling. The commercial results have been outstanding.

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