Heart of
All Hearts

Building a brand from the ground up

This was a dream project for Superfein: taking a great, handcrafted (but virtually unknown) product into the global market. Elizabeth, creator and owner of Heart of All Hearts, trusted our direction completely and we responded by building a brand true to her vision. The web-store we created has had over 2,500 visits since its launch and Heart of All Hearts is now selling to customers all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Who the client is

Elizabeth Morris has been creating beautiful malas (meditation beads) in the Indian Himalayas for discerning customers for over 30 years. With some convincing from friends that she should share her creations with the wider world, she reached out to Superfein to help her take her business online.

What was the goal

While Elizabeth had a name for her business, an entire brand identity had to be created across numerous platforms: an e-commerce website; a distinct and developed photographic style; printed and packaged materials; and a strong social media presence. We worked to make sure that the Heart of All Hearts story was consistent and memorable on all mediums and that it would drive customers to a customized web-store.

How we developed

People spend a ton of time on the internet. We sift through content all day long—but it doesn’t often bring us joy. With this in mind, we wanted to create a shopping experience that felt like a quiet, calming moment amid the chaos of the web. Heart of All Hearts creates and sells malas—a product to help you concentrate and focus your meditation. It was important that the user experience echoed the calmness that a meditation practice can bring.

We created a customized Shopify platform with carefully devised page layouts to tell the brand’s story and to showcase her beautiful products. We subscribe to the theory that people enjoy looking at beautiful things and will pause to take time to appreciate them. True beauty is very attractive and by developing a strong photographic strategy combined with clear and easy functionality we aimed to turn online shopping into an experience.

What we delivered

The finished Heart of All Hearts site is a fully customized Shopify web-store with lots of crisp white space that allows the brain to relax as the eyes scan the screen for information. And that information includes well-developed individual product pages, informative product descriptions, reviews and vital extra details (such as the shipping/customize tabs) that are all easily viewable.

The site’s structure is complemented by our clear photography aesthetic that ensures there is consistency across all product photos. The photographic strategy gives an as-accurate-as-possible feel of the products and images of the meditation malas in use serve as an attractive display that highlights their quality and craftsmanship. The semi-precious stones Elizabeth uses are so beautiful and fun to photograph. The final images capture your attention, and the layout makes you want to scroll and scroll and scroll.

This coherent aesthetic and branding was extended to social media postings and all the printed materials (including packaging) that Heart of All Hearts uses to give a full customer experience—from browsing to ordering to unboxing.

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