Fabulous Feet

Making functionality fabulous

A project that danced across our desk: a website redesign to deliver increased functionality but with a glamorous, playful face. In the first six months since relaunch, Fab Feet has gone from strength to strength and the site has had 7,500 visits.

People tell us all the time that our website is SO much better than the old one—both visually and for usability. Working with Superfein was so easy. They created the perfect site for us, and trained us how to use it on our own. And we’d absolutely work with them again!

– Gail Levoir, Founder – Fabulous Feet Productions

Who the client is

Fabulous Feet Productions organizes dance competitions throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Established in 2000, they have grown to become a respected member of the Canadian dance community. Their site needs to provide up-to-date information on all their upcoming dance festivals and competitions, as well as being a portal for online registration.

What was the goal

A change from the fashion and product-based business websites Superfein usually designs, this project called for a total redesign for the look of the website, as well as developing its functional capabilities. The site had to be easily editable and updateable, plus, have a customized event calendar, reservation form and seamlessly integrate with a third-party registration system.

How we developed

We asked our Fab Feet contact, Dani, to create a Pinterest board for the look-and-feel they were going for. The moment we saw the board we were sure this was going to be a fun project. The dancing photo inspiration was beautiful and there were half a dozen pictures of glitter.

We knew that in order to really be able to make this site shine, we’d have to have some high-quality photographs to work with. The client hired a photographer to take some extra special shots of dancers specifically for the website. And then we designed to match the images’ whimsy and drama and used the inspired colour palette as our starting point.

For the platform, we continued with WordPress, which the client was already using, but stripped the site down to its bare code and rebuilt it using a Premium theme, which we customised the crap out of!

What we delivered

The end result was a great-looking, easily updated site with excellent user interface and functionality. It was important that this site had style, but most of the design came from a very utilitarian place. In short, it should look fab and work flawlessly.

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