Elite Bridal

A seamless digital experience

Elite Bridal and Fashion Boutique is a great business that was doing almost everything right—great stock, excellent service, genuine vision—but their website wasn’t representing that. Superfein worked closely with Elite to create a complete web package that enabled them tell their story and present themselves as the women’s fashion experts they are and reach out to a wider clientele. After launch, site visits average around 1,500 per month.

We have had good feedback from our site. People love the pictures and the overall feel of the site and especially how nice it is to see all that we carry. We are out of a big city so many customers want to see what we have before they make the drive.

– Sara Graves, Co-owner – Elite Bridal Boutique

Who the client is

Owned and run by three very cool women, Elite offers big-city department store shopping, but with boutique service, and delivers it to small-town Alberta. When it comes to women’s fashion they sell it all—from lingerie and footwear to bridal and grad. They know great style and love and care about what they do, which translates into the exceptional customer service they provide.

What was the goal

The new website needed to communicate Elite’s sense of style and customer care, as well as showcase their wide selection of fashion brands. Finding a way to translate this real-life experience into layouts, content and code was the challenge here. The amazing customer service that Elite provides, and which is at the centre of their business, came up again and again as we were talking with them. It was clear that the website would need to reflect this strongly—in addition to all of the great products that they sold.

How we developed

We started this website by developing all of the content first—text, photography and typography. Text content for a website, which is often overlooked, is extremely important and difficult to do well. Elite Bridal hired Superfein and our amazing copywriter, Jonty Hayes, to develop the text content. After an hour-long interview to get to know the women behind Elite, Jonty was able to create all of the website’s text in a voice that sounded authentic. This included headings/subheadings, about page and bio text, fashion collections, services and even button text.

In order for us to convey Elite’s great customer service, we knew that we would need some genuine ‘in the moment’ photos. We created a clear photography style guide and shot list for a local photographer to spend time at the store and capture a regular Elite day.

To add personal touches, we created some custom illustrations. The main one being the watercolour illustration of Elite’s iconic building, which is the centrepiece of the homepage. We complemented the illustrations with some clean, but stylish typography throughout the site.

The WordPress platform was a good choice for its versatility and ability to add e-commerce functionality. It is also one of the best platforms to produce blog content on. This was important for the fashion advice and guide section we added to the site, which would highlight the owners’ expertise, as well as drive traffic beyond those familiar with the physical store.

What we delivered

Superfein delivered a complete web experience. We spent a lot of time developing and creating custom content for the website, and it really paid off. The site feels warm, friendly and authentic. The text guides the users with a voice that sounds like a real person welcoming you to the store. The personal candid photos, as well as the product photos, give a great sense of the type of shopping visit you can expect when visiting in person. And it has been very well received both by regular customers and new arrivals.

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